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What You Should Know About Astaxanthin Dosage

The substance astaxanthin is usually used in human beings as an anti-oxidant. Because of its red pigmentation, it is also sometimes used in food coloring. Astaxanthin has the same antioxidant effect as retinol and beta-carotene, but is less potent, and this could be a good thing because too much Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene can be harmful for the body. However, what is the healthiest astaxanthin dosage for the human body? Will the wrong astaxanthin dosage result in the same side effects as Vitamin A toxicity?

Vitamin A Toxicity and Safe Astaxanthin Dosage

Those who have taken too much retinol or vitamin A usually experience nausea, dizziness, headaches, skin peeling, and other side effects. While these symptoms could occur in the wrong astaxanthin dosage, it’s not that likely because you would have to consume bottles of the supplement before you’re “poisoned” by the substance. This is why astaxanthin dosage isn’t usually discussed. Some manufacturers even claim that there’s absolutely no chance for you to suffer from an overdose of astaxanthin supplements.

The most beneficial dosage of astaxanthin is 5mg daily for adults. This is enough to rejuvenated the cell walls, make them stronger against toxins and stressors, and keep you away from various cancer risks. Clearer eye sight, a healthier brain, and younger looking skin are also some of the many benefits of taking astaxanthin as a food supplement.

Astaxanthin Dosage and Formulation

While there’s virtually no overdosage danger in taking astaxanthin, you must think about the formulation. When the body takes in too many nutrients at the same time, the tendency is for it not to absorb the substances well. To take full advantage of your astaxanthin dosage, you should choose 2mg pills which should be taken after your daily major meals. Instead of a capsule, you might want to choose a soft gel pill instead. This is more easily released in your stomach and through your bloodstream so you know that you’re getting the full benefits of the antioxidant without straining your digestion.

Pairing Astaxanthin with Other Nutrients

Aside from your astaxanthin dosage, you should also think about how well the substance is absorbed by the body in relation to the other nutrients you’re taking in. Actually, your astaxanthin dosage is more easily absorbed when you eat fatty meals. It’s a fat-soluble nutrient. This can be bad news for people who are taking orlistat or other fat blocking supplements. To get the benefits of astaxanthin while taking anti-obesity medications, take the astaxanthin supplement two hours after you’ve taken your anti-obesity pill. You might also want to include healthy fats into your diet like fish oil.

Getting Your Astaxanthin Dosage Naturally

Astaxanthin Dosage

The reason why most people get their astaxanthin dosage from artificial food supplements is because they don’t get enough from seafood or yeast. In some countries, astaxanthin isn’t even necessary because those people eat enough seafood like crabs, salmon, micro-algae, crawfish and so on. You can actually lower your astaxanthin dosage if you eat plenty of these seafood dishes.

Of course, the benefit of taking measured supplements like this is that you can be sure that you’re getting just enough antioxidants for your body. The cooking processes can sometimes lower the astaxanthin content in its natural dietary sources. Some people simply dislike seafood which is why they opt for the soft gel supplements.

Whether it’s scarcity you’re dealing with, the risk of overcooking your seafood, or simply your picky taste buds, it’s good to have a bottle of astaxanthin supplements in the house just to make sure you’re helping your body stay healthy.