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Which Astaxanthin Supplements Work the Best?

Astaxanthin supplements are nutrients that help protect the body from harmful toxins which could cause cancer and other harmful diseases. It’s said to be very similar to beta-carotene because it has a bright red pigmentation. As a matter of fact, it’s used as food coloring for animal food in the USA. Its potency as an anti-oxidant is ten times stronger than beta-carotene. Compared to beta-carotene and other Vitamin A variants, astaxanthin supplements have lower toxicity levels. Most people take astaxanthin supplements because they don’t have enough seafood in their diet, which is the most common source of this nutrient. Studies have shown, though, that those who eat seafood and still take astaxanthin supplements still benefit from the extra dosage.

What Are The Best Astaxanthin Sources?

astaxanthin supplements

When looking for astaxanthin supplements, try to choose ones which have been extracted from micro-algae. This is the best source for astaxanthin, although other marine products like salmon, crab and lobster also have significant doses of this nutrient.

If possible, do not use organic solvents, otherwise, the quality of the nutrient in the capsule could diminish. The formulation and the capsule design should also be taken into account. Soft gels make absorption easier for the body and that’s always a good thing. 2mg formulations taken twice a day or more frequently are also more easily absorbed compared to larger, once-a-day doses.

Asthaxanthin’s Interactions with Other Drugs

The only medication which could affect the potency of astaxanthin supplements are anti-obesity pills, particularly orlistat variants. Orlistat blocks the fat from the stomach and directs it to the intestines as waste. Astaxanthin can’t be absorbed by the body without fat. This is the reason why you should never take the supplement with your anti-obesity pills. This doesn’t mean, though, that you can no longer take astaxanthin supplements when you’re under medication for obesity. What you can do is take the astaxanthin supplements two full hours after your last orlistat intake. If possible, take it with good fat, or fish oil supplements so you can be sure that it’s absorbed well by your body. When you take these antioxidants with anti-obesity medications, you’re just wasting your money. Take fat-soluble supplements once the peak effect of your anti-obesity pills have already worn off.

Avoided Side Effects by Taking Astaxanthin Supplements instead of Beta-Carotene

Most people don’t know this but by choosing to take astaxanthin supplements instead of Vitamin A variants like beta-carotene, you actually save yourself from harmful side-effects like headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of appetite and more. While vitamin A is in itself good as a nutrient, too much of it can be toxic for the human body. With astaxanthin supplements, you get to enjoy a more potent antioxidant effect without putting your body at risk.

As a matter of fact, even if you go beyond the recommended 5mg daily dosage, you’re not likely to suffer from side-effects. Side effects could happen if you consume an entire bottle of the supplement in one sitting, and no one in his/her right mind would want to do that.

Before taking astaxanthin supplements, however, you should still consult your doctor. While the general feedback from those who took astaxanthin supplements is positive, your medical records will always be unique from everyone else’s. Your doctor’s advice is especially necessary when you’re taking other medicines. For all you know, these medicines might be counteracting the supplement. You wouldn’t want to waste money, or worse, suffer from the repercussions of a bad chemical interaction by taking astaxanthin supplements.